Training and Development Solutions

We want to provide our clients with as much support as we can and so we have teamed up with carefully selected partners who deliver training solutions that meet our quality approach.


We firmly believe that "less theory and more practice" is the best way to learn — just one reason why so many of our clients keep coming back.

Therefore our internal auditors course focuses on your specific business processes, and in addition to the theory of auditing, includes practical learning sessions around live in-house audits.



The following are a few of the training solutions delivered by our training partners. 

IOSH Managing Safely - delivered in manageable on site workshops allowing attendees time in between to practice what they have learnt.

Cyber Security - awareness briefings and staff training to keep safe in the digital environment in which we work and live.

Data Protection - based on the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.  Senior management briefings and staff training to develop understanding of legal requirements and how to develop a Data Protection strategy.


When time out of the office is not an option; time efficient eLearning may be the answer offering flexible learning solutions for busy staff.

GDPR Staff awareness training.

Information Security awareness training for staff.

For more detailed information on the above training courses please contact us giving a brief overview of your requirements.


Thanks for your help and guidance which has obviously stood us in good stead and helped us get to such a good position. You have worked very effectively with us and I am very grateful.

James Fennell

Managing Director
Nathaniel Litchfield & Partners

The ISO 'Journey' that we are taking is very motivating, but hard work. The systems that are in place now are enabling us to become more efficient. Its taking time to make the 'shift', but we can clearly see the benefits. In truth its provided us with a whole new way that we look at and conduct our business; its been very refreshing!

Nathan Davis


Rather than "bolting on" an ISO compliant system, QED worked with us to ensure our established way of working fully met ISO standards, only augmenting our already good business processes where necessary rather than seeking to change the way we work.

Bruce McLeod

Finance Director
Nathaniel Litchfield & Partners

QED has been key in helping us develop and maintain a system that makes sense to us and is very much our own quality system, aligned to our clients' needs and ensuring a consistent approach across the firm. Terri Connor is very professional, thorough and considered in approach which makes her a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Paul Richardson

TR Fabrications

QED has provided consultancy services to HOST for the past three years, helping us to achieve and maintain ISO accreditation status. Our appointed consultant, Terri, is a fantastic person to work with and is able to explain a complicated subject in an easy to understand manner. QED has been invaluable to HOST in this process and would recommend them to anyone.

Steve Osborn

Project Manager
HOST Management Limited

Our ISO9001 system was seen as an add-on to what we did. It was cumbersome and not used. Our QED consultant redefined it and integrated it with the business and our existing processes. She made it understandable, accessible and a tool we now rely on daily. We are now working with QED on ISO27001 and have no doubt that we will achieve certification very soon.

Rob Gill

Business Manager